Ghost Tower of the Witchlight Fens

Essentials Bonus Adventure

You were sure you knew the way back to town – just follow the tracks to the crossroads, and then it’s only a short trek to Fallcrest. Rain ruined that plan. A sudden cloudburst washed away the tracks, and at some point you got turned around. It will be best to make a fresh start in the morning, so you found a dry place to camp, made a meal of the trail rations in your pack, and drifted off to sleep.

“Bandit scum! You’ll not take me alive!”

Those shouted words rouse you at once. It’s dark. They campfire has died down to glowing coals, so you’ve been asleep for hours, but the night is still dark. Did you dream that voice or was it real?

On their way back to Fallcrest both Sir Houglan and Deth Elf got side trekked. They stumble upon a fellow lone adventurer named Sareth. She is an elf warrior trying to fight off several kobolds. They also add two new party members in Keemdu the Kalashtar Cleric and Viamas the Human Rogue/Sorcerer.

Sareth informs the party that she is on a quest to claim her birthright, a sword once used by her mother until it was stolen from her by a wicked blackguard. The party and her succeed in clearing the Witchlight Fens and recovering her ancestral sword.


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