Cold Chill of Death

Essentials Dungeon Master's Book

A blast of wintry air hits you s the door swings open. A low, rumbling growl echoes from the chamber, and then you see it – a dragon!

The party had previously returned to the Goblin Lair in search of the lockbox for Traevus and find more information on the mysterious hooded rider.

They had first encountered some goblins and the rider’s black horse. They progressed through the lair also coming across some dire rats and more goblins. Along they way they found out that this lair also had some traps scattered throughout.

They began this session with trying to figure out what to do with the fledgling white dragon. They decided to open a dialogue rather than trying to confront the dragon with force of combat. They dragon named Farallax agreed to let the adventurers proceed through his lair for a share of half the loot they find. Farallax even pointed them towards their target.

After battling a large Hobgoblin named Kurrash who acted as the military leader of the goblins in this lair. He was no match for our adventurers though.

The party found both the mysterious rider named Malareth along with his undead minions. This was the party’s first real combat challenge as Viamas actually fell unconscious during the fight. The adventurers finally emerged victorious and found the now opened lockbox which was to be returned to Traevus.

The party checked one more room as they proceeded to leave the lair. They encountered some crooked town guards. During the fight the advantage swayed in favor of the adventurers and one of the guards suddenly turned on another. It turned out she was doppleganger who shared some history between Traevus and Malareth. Jinix has decided to join the party as Sareth plans to return to her life and family.


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